At Home With: Junction 2: Connections - Berlin Recap

Fri 29th Jan

In the last of our 3 part recap, we look back at the Berlin leg of Junction 2: Connections.

From the fall of the Wall until the present day, electronic music and its scene full of alternative-thinkers and creatives have thrived in this urban landscape. For Junction 2: Connections we streamed from one of the most striking features of the city’s skyline; the TV Tower. Representing the techno capital were Ben Klock, Dixon, Rødhåd, LSDXOXO and Terr.


Berlin lays claim to producing a lineage of international underground talent and the latest to blossom out of this hotspot is Terr. A Clash Lion label boss and lover of dark disco grooves, she kicked off the stream with a true statement mix.

Junction 2 · TERR - Junction 2: Connections


Taking over from Terr was long-time Junction 2 favourite and one of Berlin’s most touted underground figures, Dixon. The Innervisions mastermind delivered an intricately woven exploration of otherworldly interstellar grooves.

Junction 2 · Dixon - Junction 2: Connections


From the constellations to the deep, dark, dubby depths of techno, next up in the Berlin showcase was the Dystopian king himself, Rødhåd.

Junction 2 · Rødhåd - Junction 2: Connections


Continuing the onslaught was trailblazing newcomer, LSDXOXO. Provocative, explicit and unequivocally captivating, the New Yorker has made Berlin his home and it’s easy to see why, delivering a relentless barrage of rapidfire techno and industrial laced club cuts.

Junction 2 · LSDXOXO - Junction 2: Connections

Ben Klock

The close out of the Berlin stage came from one of the city’s true originals, Ben Klock. An artist synonymous with the techno institution of Berghain, fabled for his afterhours mischief and undwindling vision. A distinguished perfectionist and a master of the stripped back groove. The Klockworks boss provided the fireworks with another stunning display.

Junction 2 · Ben Klock - Junction 2: Connections

Real Scenes: Berlin | Resident Advisor

During our pre-event countdown show, The Speaker’s Corner, we took a closer look at the 3 iconic cities involved in Junction 2: Connections through Resident Advisor’s touted documentary series, Real Scenes. The Berlin feature explored the fascinating history of how techno became the uniting soundtrack of the German capital after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Berlin - Junction 2: Connections

To complete the recap, we leave you with the uninterrupted stream from Junction: 2 Connections. 5 hours of transcending techno from 5 of Berlin’s best, uniting party goers from around the world at a time when we can’t freely experience dancefloors. We hope you enjoyed the event and we look forward to dancing together again soon.