At Home With: Junction 2: Connections Detroit Recap

Thu 21st Jan

Detroit. The Motor City. An urban battleground of artistic innovation. Throughout the 20th century numerous musical revolutions have sprung from this place and perhaps the most impactful of them all has been the birth of techno. A future-leaning, machine-made form of soul. Synthetic in nature, but organic in substance. Never to be understated in its influence on the global scene.

In today’s At Home With we recap on all the action from the Detroit leg of Junction 2: Connections, hosted on The Hex stage in association with Nordic Spirit.

Ash Lauryn

The stream kicked off with Underground & Black founder, writer and NTS Radio resident, Ash Lauryn. Over the last few years the Detroit native has emerged as one of the pivotal figures of America’s modern underground scene and she left no doubt as to why. A non-stop, joyous, soul infused voyage celebrating the rich black roots of dance music.

Junction 2 · Ash Lauryn - Junction 2: Connections

DJ Holographic

Taking over from Ash was fellow burgeoning star, DJ Holographic. The genre-hopping marveloso served up a musical cuisine of all things funk, house and techno as she kept things grooving with another standout set.

Junction 2 · DJ Holographic - Junction 2: Connections

Seth Troxler

Our dear friend, the vinyl fiend and multifaceted polymath, Seth Troxler was up next and, true to his reputation, served up an absolute masterclass of musical oddities and rare Detroit gems. Good luck finding any track IDs on this one.

Junction 2 · Seth Troxler - Junction 2: Connections

Underground Resistance presents
Mark Flash & John Collins

As far as iconic moments go this one will live with us forever. Bridging the past with the future, time honoured members Mark Flash and John Collins brought the spirit of the original off-grid, forward thinking, guerilla outfit, Underground Resistance, to the virtual planes of J2v.

Junction 2 · Underground Resistance presents Mark Flash - Junction 2 Connections

Junction 2 · Underground Resistance presents John Collins - Junction 2 Connections

Robert Hood

Topping the billing was the founding member himself. The minimal minister. One of a kind. Robert Hood. Dishing out a sermon of relentless techno, the Detroit legend was in unstoppable form as he delivered one of our favourite sets of Junction 2: Connections. We’ll be playing this one back for some time to come.

Junction 2 · Robert Hood - Junction 2: Connections

Real Scenes: Detroit | Resident Advisor

During our pre-event countdown show, The Speaker’s Corner, we took a closer look at the 3 iconic cities involved in Junction 2: Connections through Resident Advisor’s touted documentary series, Real Scenes. Filmed in 2011, the Detroit feature provides a fascinating account of the city's history through the eyes of some of it's key figures including Rick Wilhite, Kyle Hall and the late Mike Huckaby.

Detroit - Junction 2 Connections

To complete the recap, we leave you with the full stream from Junction 2: Connections. Over 6 hours of uninterrupted grooves from 3 generations of Detroit talent.