At Home With: KETTAMA

Wed 10th Feb

In today’s At Home With, we chat with Irish house sensation, KETTAMA.

Appearing on the scene in 2017, the Galway native’s global rise received a fast-track after demos he had given to Mall Grab surfaced on the popular Facebook group, Identification Of Music. Landing the in-demand debut EP on New York imprint HOMAGE to much acclaim, KETTAMA has continued to serve up the hits with a string of emphatic club cuts for the likes of R&S, Shall Not Fade, Dance Trax, Madhouse and Mutual Pleasure, home to his recent collab with Partiboi69.

KETTAMA’s selection of recent and all time favourites include Shed, Luke Vibert, Lone, Tim Green and more.

A Recent Mix:

KETTAMA with Kenfo - Rinse FM Mix

I chose this mix as its the first mix I've done on Rinse comprised of 100% unreleased material. I guess its a product of being in lockdown for the last year but it was something I always wanted to do and I'm quite chuffed with the way it turned out, feel it says a lot about where I am at the moment and the evolved KETTAMA sound . Also has a cracking mix by a top man and good friend Kenfo straight outta Canberra, Australia.

Rinse FM · KETTAMA with Kenfo - 22 October 2020

An All Time Favourite:

Shed vs Head High - Boiler Room Mix

Although personally I find the crowd to not be enjoying the mix as much as I do. One of the biggest musical inspirations/Influences at the moment is Rene Palowitz AKA Head High, Shed, WK7 + Many more. His gritty sound between house and breaks is something I find I can always listen to and always draw inspiration from whenever I listen to this set. Proper Timeless music.

A Recent Standout Release:

Luke Vibert presents Modern Rave

It may not be very new in terms of being a recent release... but it's new to me as I only came across it very recently. Luke Vibert's Modern Rave that came out on Hypercolour is a 10/10. His use of sampling never fails, one of the most original in the game and one of the best to ever do it. Massive inspiration to my music I'm making right now too.

An All Time Favourite:

Lone - Ambivert Tools Volume Four

Can’t not put this in here, Probably one of the releases since it came out I've listened to more than once a week every week since it's been out. A massive musical inspiration and a top bloke. It doesn't get much better than this, 10/10.

A Good Read:

Lone x KETTAMA - R&S Records

I've just realized how I basically have no interviews online, as I've just searched for some. But I did find this short article about how me and Matt (Lone) met 15 mins before our set at Glastonbury 2019 and had a great time. Definitely a pinch myself moment I never want to forget any time soon.

Something To Watch:

Tim Green - Against The Clock

I used to watch Against The Clocks constantly and I remember watching Tim Green's against the clock when it came out, a year or two before I even started to make music. I remember being quite mesmerized by it and showing it to all my mates, and would watch it on and off for basically 2 years till I started making music myself. It's nothing like the music I now make but I distinctly remember watching it when it came out and thinking I'd like to do that. Big up Tim Green though.