Mon 15th Feb

In today’s At Home With, we get up close and personal with Picnic co-founder, Andy Luff.

A small group of vinyl devotees, Picnic have been throwing intimate events across London since 2012 and hold a reputation as one of the city’s most revered party crews. A musical ethos orbiting the stripped back, celestial grooves of house and techno, 2020 saw the launch of Picnic Records with standout EP releases from Pelle and Martinez. As one of the music partners of ION Festival, Picnic will be joining us on the Albania Riviera in September, where Andy Luff will be lining up alongside some of electronic music’s biggest stars for a week of sonic explorations.

Below, Andy gives us a taster of what is to come, selecting some of his recent and all time favourites from the likes of Truly Madly, Slowlife, Far Out Radio Systems, Resonance 44 and more.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Truly Madly - Dr Banana Mix

Been listening to this quite a bit recently, especially when I go out for a run. Truly is just showing off here. All of his mixes over the past few years have been full of weird, wonderful and obscure house and techno records but the Dr Banana mix has an especially feel good, nostalgic ambience surrounding it. Its a real celebration of UK dance music culture and again a fantastic insight into his ever surprising, sick record collection.

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Laurine & Cecilio (Slowlife) - fabric x Picnic 8th Birthday Promo Mix

All time favourite mix would have to be Laurine & Cecilio’s fabric mix for our 8th birthday celebrations. The guys have such a nice flow and their taste in music really inspires me as an artist. It's just easy listening from start to finish and resonates very strongly with me because of the connection it has with our party at the club. Every time I listen to the mix it takes me right back to the middle of RM 1 inside the ride. Dream state.

A Recent Standout Release:

Far Out Radio Systems - On Boolean Plains LP

Originally this was bought for a piece of art on the wall. I'd been digging all day at Killacutz and when I was paying for the records I noticed the sleeve on the counter and thought the artwork was dope. When I got home I listened to the album and was really impressed. It's very eclectic and explores a more bassy, experimental approach, creating an amazing soundscape. There are a couple of tracks with cool percussion that would definitely suit a deep opening set so I think the shock factor and how pleasantly surprised I was stood out the most.

An All Time Favourite:

Resonance 44 - Summer In Space EP

Definitely the toughest question of the lot! How do you pick your favourite ever record? There are so many! But if I was to go with the record that holds the most memories it would have to be the Summer In Space EP. The record was given to me by Richie TH at Killacutz as he already had 3 copies and was his favourite ever record (Like most of the records he tries to sell you). But it was a gift and it was just at the beginning of the period we were starting to play European gigs and had the fabric show coming up so it got played in some great spots and really connected with the crowd each time.

But it was last summer that the bond with this record really grew. It really felt like a summer in space and if that was the case my loft apartment was definitely the space ship. We had some really great after parties up there and it became tradition that this record was played as the sun came through the windows. I guess it's a record that represents the start of a new chapter for myself personally and highlights the great friendships formed in difficult times.