At Home With: Prospa

Wed 10th Mar

In today’s At Home With we catch up with Prospa.

Bringing early rave influences to the modern dancefloor, the electric pair have been on a monumental rise since bursting on the scene in 2018. Releasing transcending hits like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Ecstasy (OVer & Over)’, they are at it again with their latest EP, ‘Rave Science Vol. 1’. The first in a series of projects, the 3 tracker features two cascading club cuts from the London-based duo alongside a heavyweight collaboration with DJ Seinfeld (watch the brand new video for it here).

Prospa’s selection includes The Chemical Brothers, Moderat, Kessler, Hermeth and more.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Kessler and Prospa - Rave Science Virtual Warehouse

During lockdown we worked with genius animator Petter Schölander, who helped us create two 360 degree virtual raving experiences. For us this was an interesting space to create for. We were able to expand the set into what we felt was a unique sonic journey for us. We’ve selected the second and most recent one which was just before New Years 2020 - for this one Petter built part of the world we had for the visualiser for our song 'The Thrill’ into this VR warehouse space, it honestly blew our minds. For the actual mix, Kessler opened the show and honestly he smashed it to pieces so we really recommend this as our standout mix.

Your Favourite Mix:

Prospa - In The Lab LDN

Our Mixmag Lab! Also fairly recent but honestly we have been dreaming about doing a Lab for so long. We didn't let covid kill our vibe and we really went hard as if the crowd was there with us. We enjoyed ourselves so much that for us this is our all time favourite mix. Mixmag is an amazing platform and were still pinching ourselves that after all these years we finally made it there. We started this mix on our usual electro tip, and ended up with hands in the air classics ala Chemical Brothers and Soulwax!

A Recent Standout Release:

Hermeth - Devils Reject

Hermeth is a producer we have been aware of for over a year now. For us the production level and musicality in his tunes are very high, this doesn't go unnoticed and on top of that he puts unique half time sections and other things that throw you off in the best way! He makes intense electro/breaks and more but with a brain melting rave inducing quality. This release is fast, intense and so good!

An All Time Favourite:

Moderat - The Mark (interlude)

Admittedly we first heard this in the film Annihilation. But in the three years since we've probably listened to it a million times, hopefully making up the 3 years missed since its release in 2015. The synthesis in this is so incredibly inspiring to us we fail to really put it into words. The melody transports us into a dystopian dream space that we hope that other listeners will get from our music (especially when we hit you with the ambient album).

A Good Read:

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis by James Luceno.

We are both huge Star Wars fans. This book is the backstory to the Sith master responsible for Palpatine's rise to become Darth Sidious. Things like Star Wars honestly keep us creatively inspired when making music. We love epic tales and try channel that in our tunes in our own way

Something To Watch:

The Chemical Brothers - Glastonbury set 2019

We were there in the crowd last year. Was so amazing to see their live show in such a fantastic setting. Glastonbury is like no other festival. The sheer size of it is ridiculous and you can never find anyone because you have no signal, but it still manages to be the best festival in the world. Normal life is on pause during glastonbury and all that matters is the great music you're watching all weekend! This set was our favourite and the video captures the atmosphere pretty well. Really worth the watch!