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Wed 24th Feb

We are joined by Trudy.JPG for a special takeover of today’s At Home With.

Trudy.JPG has been steadily making a name for herself in the London dance scene for the last few years. A resident of Rinse FM, she is also the tour DJ for Master Peace as well as the founder of Delirious Records.

To celebrate her debut appearance on Kiss Fresh, Trudy breaks down some of her inspirations that went into the mix, featuring the likes of DJ Technics, Boy George, Honey Dijon and more.

DJ Technics - Girlfriend

Baltimore club is one of my favourite genres and it really doesn’t get the love in the UK that it deserves. DJ Technics is one of the scene’s OGs and this song is the perfect combo of breakbeats, romantic harmonies and dreamy vocal samples. If you’re into this, I definitely recommend checking out his Boiler Room.

Ministry Of Sound 'Dance Nation 2' mixed by Boy George

I listen to way more old school sets than recent mixes. I grew up with older siblings so would raid their CD collections. Dance Nation 2 was a double disc set with the first disc mixed by Pete Tong & the second by Boy George. I love listening to this mix while I’m bopping down the street and pretending it’s 1996.

The Classic Mix CD Series · 054 - Ministry Of Sound 'Dance Nation 2' mixed by Boy George - Disc 2 (1996)

Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Honey Dijon Realness Remix Edit)

I’ve been a massive Lady Gaga fan since day dot. My first flat had a huge rainbow flag from the Born the Way Ball hanging in the kitchen. The official remixes from the Chromatica album are so 90s and fun. Who even came up with the idea to connect Gaga with Honey Dijon?! Match made in heaven tbh.

ladygaga · Free Woman (Honey Dijon Realness Remix Edit)

Wild at Heart

My style has always been inspired by all sorts of pop culture, not just music. Wild at Heart is David Lynch’s twisted take on a road movie with sexy Nic Cage and even sexier Laura Dern on the run from a bunch of hitmen. This scene where Sailor woos Lula is right at the beginning and always gets my ~creative juices~ flowing.

‘Queer as Folk’ soundtrack

When I was a teenager I used to stay up all night watching the US version of Queer as Folk. The characters went to a nightclub called Babylon and I still swear it would be my perfect venue to play. The show’s soundtrack introduced me to so many artists that I spin in my sets like Barry Harris and H2SO4. As well as 90s classiques like Touch & Go, Air and Heather Sma

Trudy.JPG - Kiss Fresh Mix

Now you know some of the inspirations, check out my Kiss Fresh mix!

Trudy.JPG · Kiss Fresh Presents Trudy.JPG