Wed 19th May

Wanderist takes centre stage for this week’s At Home With.

With a burning desire to defy musical labels, Marteen Smeets created his alter-ego, Wanderist, to fulfil this purpose. Forming one half of Dutch duo Dam Swindle (formally Detroit Swindle), Smeets embarked on a journey to solo artistry by releasing his first EP, ‘2r2t’, in September 2020, which explored soulful yet high-tempo techno sounds. He also founded Transient Nature, a label to help push the boundaries of musical exploration. With his latest EP Translucid Dreams released earlier this year, Wanderist confidently embodies genre-defying tracks, constructing more fast-paced, harder electronic music. With endless opportunities to explore sounds within the domains of electro, techno, acid and breakbeat, Wanderist pulls out all the stops for a perfectly diverse yet eccentric roster.

Check out Wanderists selection below, featuring Henrik Schwarz and Basic Channel.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Wanderist – Bolting Bits mix

I’ve just done a mix for Bolting Bits with a variety of dub influenced techno, old school electro and other paces electronics, among a few releases on my new label Transient Nature.. There’s a sneak peak of the first track of the new Scan7 record on Transient Nature, a release by Dukwa which just came out, and my own remix for Cinthie’s upcoming EP City Lights which will be out end of may.

Your Favourite Mix:

Henrik Schwarz – DJ Kicks

I think Henrik Schwarz’ DJ Kicks mix is still a favorite of mine. Partly because it was the first time I heard Drexciya’s track Black Sea, but also because of the expert mixing between jazz, funk, soul and electronic music. I really enjoy hearing songs work together in ways you’d never expect and this mix is full of them.

A Recent Release:

Wanderist - Translucid Dreams (Aus)

My most recent release is the “Translucid Dreams” ep on Aus Music. It’s a really personal work with many faces, going from trippy electro to dark techno. Most of the tracks were written in the last year, where I really explored the process of bringing in more textures in my music, while still keeping soulful harmonies as the core of the tracks.

An All Time Favourite:

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II

I’ve been a fan of Basic Channel since I can remember and I seem to be drawn back to that sound more and more. The gritty recordings and expert take on dub techno on II and the speed and complexity on I are an essential part of the history of electronic music for me.

A Good Read:

Haruki Murakami - 1Q84

I’m a huge fan of the work of Haruki Murakami and I can recommend his work to everyone. It’s beautiful surrealistic literature, which I really like. The most recent one I’ve read is 1Q84 and I think it’s one of his best (and weirdest) books.

Something To Watch:

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place

I can really recommend watching ‘Space is the Place’, the Sun Ra movie. It’s extremely out there in terms of storytelling and music, but that’s exactly the point. It’s a tiny peak into the magical mind of a great black musician who changed jazz music for good. There are some really interesting conversations in the movie on themes like race, where Sun Ra seems to hit the nail on the head. This movie is not your average Friday night blockbuster, but If you put in the effort, I’m sure it’ll inspire you in many ways.