J2v: The Vault Stage

Thu 28th May

Junction 2 presents J2v
Saturday 6th June 2020
16.00 – 22.00

J2v is now just two weeks away. Blurring the boundaries between the natural and digital worlds, J2v is set to explore horizons previously untouched by electronic music streams.

We’re applying the same mindset to J2v as we would to our actual festival in the natural world. The schematics are different, but the execution will be the same. We’ve swapped professional riggers for digital designers, with an aim to create an online festival site that will capture the imagination of our community and deliver on J2’s fundamental principles: the finest underground music, unique stage structures and an inclusive atmosphere.


We are reaching out to all 3D digital designers to get involved with J2v by sending us their personal work to be showcased in the virtual world.

The J2v Arts Exhibition in association with Asahi Super Dry, will spark designer’s curiosity to share their thought-provoking, provocative or plain fun pieces, to be rendered and positioned around our online landscape.

Perhaps best of all, our favourite digital sculpture will be commissioned to be displayed and appreciated at Junction 2 2021. This unique concept aims to further bridge the digital and natural worlds.

Entries can be existing pieces of work or brand-new designs, if you so wish. To get involved, please upload .obj files no larger than 500kb by Friday 29th May here.

The Vault in association with Asahi Super Dry

Artists in order of appearance:
Anastasia Kristensen. Daniel Avery. Maya Jane Coles. Sama’
+ special guest Ritchie Hawtin (Junction 2 2019 restream)

After bringing you details on The Console stage last week, this time we’re putting The Vault under the microscope.

Brought to J2v in association with Asahi Super Dry, the ribbed structure will flash, retract and react with the music - the perfect complement to the sounds showcased. The Vault will feel like you are being sucked into a techno vortex, with a lineup to match…

Though she’s a techno DJ at heart, and a fierce one at that, Anastasia Kristensen isn’t bound solely by any unremitting commitment to the new, the unheard or the overly serious. Her sets, and her own productions too, are more marked by an obvious desire to merge all the things she loves and to throw them together into the furnace of the dancefloor. Eras, genres, time signatures and tempos, they’re all fuel to burn as she goes about starting her own fires. As evidence, in a recent set at FOLD she mixed out of the prog trance classic “1998” by Binary Finary and into the sparse new Cari Lekebusch track before heading off into a Peter Gabriel edit. Yet she does all this in a smooth, naturalistic way that doesn’t feel forced. It just feels like you’re in the hands of a sophisticated selector who really wants to make you dance and enjoy the party. It’s a question of where she’s going to take us come 6th June.

As one of the figureheads of the UK’s modern techno movement, Daniel Avery is a J2 favourite. Most recently, he’s displayed his versatility, with a slew of beatless productions in the ambient and drone vein - ideal listening for the current situation. However, we’re sure that Avery will show every shade of his music tapestry at J2v, through the tempos and across the genres.

Next on the bill is a frequent collaborator and past Junction 2 performer. The wonderfully unique Maya Jane Coles is a one-of-a-kind artist. She embodies the individualism and freedom of expression that we’ve come to expect from our diverse crowd. Inscribing an artistic statement on J2v, MJC is a dead cert for delivering a memorable set.

History has shown us that musical revolutions begin against the backdrop of political upheaval and social conflict. It again makes the case for Sama’, a hero of Palestine’s understated underground. Sama’ brings a wealth of experience from across the Middle East. Gaining recognition on an international level, be prepared to see why Sama’ is the region’s brightest talent.

Richie Hawtin’s contribution to J2v comes direct from his performance at the festival in 2019. As undoubtedly one of the greatest sets in Junction 2’s history, it gives us great pleasure that we can share this with our community once again, but this time with new and exclusive visuals. Richie will open proceedings in The Vault and is a further example of J2v merging the real with the virtual. This is the kick-start J2v demands and we couldn’t think of a better curtain-raiser to set the tone.


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