At Home With: Relentless - Junction 2: Connections Recap

Fri 15th Jan

3 iconic cities and 20 artists, brought together under one roof, J2v. Not bound by rules or gravity, distance or capacities, Saturday 9th January saw our second foray into the digital events space and we can honestly say the response has been humbling.

In the first of a 3 part recap of Junction 2: Connections, we invite hosts of The Console Stage, Relentless Energy, for a special At Home With look back at the London leg.

OK Williams

Streaming from one of London’s most iconic urban structures, Millennium Mills, The Console stage was home to the sound of the UK. A multicultural melting pot of talent signified by it’s diversity and myriad of influences, the broadcast began with one of the city’s most exciting newcomers, OK Williams. Taking us on a trip through house, electro, breaks, gqom and afrobeat, the all encompassing selector provided the perfect introduction for what was to come.

Junction 2 · OK Williams - Junction 2: Connections


Continuing the sonic odyssey was fellow star on the rise, Peach. A sun-kissed groove pool of uplifting house wiggles and celestial club cuts and, this one was thumping from start to finish.

Junction 2 · Peach - Junction 2: Connections

Mount Kimbie DJ

Following Peach was a rare full throttle set from Kai Campos, DJ half of renowned electronic duo Mount Kimbie. A vast contrast to their experimental electro-indie productions, the derelict walls of Millennium Mills were rattling from heavy hitting techno as he picked up the pace.

Junction 2 · Mount Kimbie DJ - Junction 2: Connections

Daniel Avery B2B HAAi

Leading us into the latter half of the stream was a rave infused B2B barrage from heavyweights Daniel Avery and HAAi. Showcasing a natural chemistry behind the decks, the two were on top form as they bounced between off-kilter techno and mind-warping electro.

Junction 2 · Daniel Avery B2B HAAi - Junction 2: Connections

Hessle Audio

The London scene would not have been fully represented without the inclusion of Hessle Audio. The iconic trio of Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea have been instrumental in shaping the UK club sound over the last decade and proved once again why they are held in such high regard. Dishing out the full arsenal of leftfield mischief, they well and truly stole the show.

Junction 2 · Hessle Audio - Junction 2: Connections

The Speaker’s Corner

The Speaker’s Corner was the pre-event countdown show to Junction 2:Connections featuring exclusive panels and providing thoughtful and much needed discussions about the future of our industry. There were artist Q&As with Daniel Avery, HAAi and Mount Kimbie as well as an exclusive behind the scenes look at the setting for the London leg of the stream. Resident Advisor’s acclaimed docuseries, Real Scenes, rounded off the show with a deep dive into the three iconic cities. Watch it back in full below.

Junction 2: Connections live from Millennium Mills, London

To finish up the roundup of the London leg of Junction 2: Connections, we leave you with the full, uninterrupted stream from Millenium Mills. Out of bounds and largely untouched since closing down 4 decades ago, the decaying industrial marvel provided the perfect dystopian setting for our star studded lineup of genre-bending contemporaries. Earmarked for redevelopment in 2021, the Junction 2: Connections stream may have been one of the last few uses of the Mills in its current condition. If that is so, we are proud to have given this historic site the one last dance it deserved.