Sphere 003: The Recap

Fri 6th Mar

Saturday 29th February marked the midway point of our ambitious Sphere journey and it’s safe to say it has surpassed all of our initial expectations. The inners of the big black box were engulfed in a raging red hue as the immersive 360° production was on full display once again. The sold out event was kicked off by next-to-blow ONYVAA and quickly reached boiling point as ANNA, Charlotte De Witte and Richie Hawtin all served up a relentless barrage of earth shattering techno. From the mezzanine to the front row the place was shaking like a 90s Detroit warehouse, but felt like an out-take from a distant future.

Anna Techno Sphere MagazineHaving got the ball rolling with her signature no frills approach, ONYVVA passed the torch to Brazil’s techno megastar ANNA. The 10,000 sq ft box had quickly turned into a heaving rave den as the masses came out in record numbers to see the recent Plus 8 Records addition in action. Bringing her unique brand of enticing, synth led, pounding techno, the newly built Magazine London was quickly flipped on its head as piercing strobe lights and haze cannons began to bombard the space.

Charlotte De Witte Techno Sphere MagazineIf there was one person perfectly suited to charge up the intensity even further then her name is Charlotte De Witte. Turning the place from a heaving rave den to an all out war zone, the KNTXT label boss shelled the dancefloor with a heavy blitz of unapologetic Belgian techno. Hammering out of the bespoke L-Acoustics sound system was an unwavering stockpile of stomach churning rumblers, tension inducing risers and industrial-esque techno cuts, before the roof was eventually blown off with a heavy dose of acid laced face melters.

Richie Hawtin Techno Sphere Magazine

Appearing to have perhaps peaked too early, with seemingly nowhere else for the music to go, the captain arrived. Slim faced, armed with his infamous Model 8 mixer and a hybrid Ableton approach, the mythical being, idolised by fans the world over, Richie Hawtin stepped up to take control of the sonic spaceship and, true to his legend, proceeded to take us into orbit. Producing an utterly faultless and masterful display, he effortlessly wove between 6 channels to take us on a journey of the past, present, the future and beyond. From the production, to the sound, to the people, the place came together in a truly transcending and irreplaceable experience. For those two hours, the big black box in Greenwich was lost in a euphoric techno bliss.