Introducing Tobacco Dock Virtual

Fri 29th Jan

A bold new space launches Easter 2021

Tearing down barriers between digital and real world experiences, we usher in a new dawn for hybrid music events. A world class programme for free-to-attend first shows will be revealed on 16th February as we invite party-goers, music fans and gamers alike, to step inside the bold new world of Tobacco Dock Virtual’s vibrant partyverse.


An Exciting Partnership

Developed in partnership with Sansar, the world’s leading virtual live events platform, Tobacco Dock Virtual recreates the iconic London venue in minute detail, from the sweeping staircases to the cavernous dancefloors. Building on the traditional party experience, shows at Tobacco Dock Virtual will also offer a unique range of gaming options that amplify and enhance the experience. Pre-parties and after-parties will also surround the main shows, introducing fans to robust live entertainment.

For the first time ever, Sansar are making their platform available on mobile, MAC, tablet, PC, or VR through the Sansar app or any browser. - without need for specialist equipment - making events at Tobacco Dock Virtual accessible regardless of age or location, and across a wide range of technologies and devices. Live-stream and media partner, Beatport, will also broadcast sets across Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and

Kicking off with The Speaker’s Corner, the pre-event countdown featuring exclusive panels and providing thoughtful and much needed discussions about the future of our industry. There were artist Q&As with Daniel Avery, HAAi and Mount Kimbie as well as an exclusive behind the scenes look at the setting for the London of the stream. Resident Advisor’s acclaimed docuseries, Real Scenes, rounded off the show with a deep dive into the three iconic cities, setting the stage for what was to come.

Later this year, we plan to merge all three platforms - virtual, gaming and real life - creating windows and pathways between worlds for a never-before-seen level of connectivity and engagement, ushering in a new generation of hybrid music events. Here is what our company director, Paul Jack, had to say about it:

“TDv is our next step in the evolution of LWE and the development of our long-term event concepts where we see virtual worlds sitting alongside the real world. Tobacco Dock has hosted some of our most exciting shows and led the way in the UK for vast daytime events. This next step on our journey will pave the way for hybrid events within a fully immersive digital and physical space, providing a huge new platform to showcase music."


In our hub and across streaming platforms

The events will be streamed simultaneously by our broadcast partner Beatport, across Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. All Tobacco Dock Virtual events can be enjoyed uninterrupted via the TDv Hub by creating your account below.


Immerse yourself in the space
via Mobile, Desktop or Mac

Build your avatar and take your social experience to the next level. For the first time ever, the world's leading virtual live and social events platform, Sansar, are making their technology available on mobile, MAC, tablet, or PC through the Sansar app, or any browser, without the need for specialist equipment. This makes events at Tobacco Dock Virtual accessible regardless of age or location, and across a wide range of technologies and devices. Go between the rooms, chat with fellow party goers and win rewards through bespoke quests and in-built games.

In Virtual Reality

Get inside the virtual space via a desktop compatible VR headset. A complete 360° surround view showcasing the world in full detail. The VR headset tracks your movements, mannerism and dance moves for a truly unique experience.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new venture. The first lineup announcement will be revealed on 16th February.